What you need to make your online store successful.

We will help you to start your online trading step-by-step.

The first thing you need to do is choose what kind of items you want to sell. The right chosen product makes about 70% of success. The rest is the site convenience and good delivery service. But pay common attention on the stuff collection.

If you have your own production, than ok, this issue is more easy to solve. But if you are going to resell something you will have to think up the more creative way. Nowadays the supply market is quite crowded. You will have a lot of competition, no matter what niche you take. So think wider! These are some ways you can win your competitors:

greater items variety
fast and cheap delivery
easy return process
cashback or discounts

Finding suppliers is the next important step. If you’ve decided to sell something produced by other manufacturers then you need to carefully choose them. The best way is to contact its official distributor. It will reduce the risk of fraud and helps to prevent the overpay for mediation.

If the supplier is engaged only in wholesales, then you will have to look for intermediaries for a smaller volume or open your own warehouse.

The second option is ecommerce. You put the product up for sale in your online store, sell it and the manufacturer only delivers it from his warehouse. Choose the most suitable for you.

High-quality product photos matter. Pick a good light and background and take the clearest and most voluminous photos of your goods. Imagine you are looking at the photos as a buyer. Of course you will love the beautiful and detailed images. So take care of your customers and please them with cool photos! It will definitely have an impact on your sales.

Connect a convenient payment service. If it is convenient for your customers to pay, then the likelihood of making a purchase increases.

Choose a proven delivery service with a good reputation. You are responsible for damages to the goods during delivery. Do not lose your money due to poor quality delivery.

The advertisement is engine of the trade. In the modern world, every person is faced with advertising almost daily. As you understand your online store needs promotion. Analyze your potential audience and invest in a quality marketing strategy.

It is better to promote different items of different kinds on different platforms. A social network advertising is a good idea. This is perhaps the most popular form of ads today.

Try to arrange promotions and discounts, offer bonuses and partner programs more often.

A well-thought-out action plan and step-by-step implementation is the key to success. Online business is not always easy. But we Wikimart team will try to make your start easier. Do not ignore all the steps above. All this is our and our clients' experience. We are ready to help your business prosper and bring you profit.